Product Features

Popular promotional tools such as free spins, tournaments, and multi-level challenges with automated and instant rewards.

Engaging Tournaments

  • Strong tool to engage players and increase their game session time.
  • Define win criteria, tournament duration, which players can obtain a ticket, and how it can be obtained.
  • Create a prize structure with up to 500 prizes, which are automatically granted once the tournament is finished.
  • Players can watch their current score and position in the leaderboard, which is updated in real time.
Engaging Tournaments

Bonus Programs for Acquisition & Retention

  • Free Spins

    Free Spins

    Create cost-effective Free Spins campaigns across your selection of games.

    Fully-configurable via the back-office application while you can still take advantage of ALL vendor specific in-game Free Spins features.

    Continuous integration of Free Spins from vendors that provide a Free Spins API.
  • Challenges


    Create levels and connect them to any type of bonus for automated and instant rewarding

    Each level and reward can be different and/or certain levels can be repeated, from once to infinitely.

    Levels allows for any gamification based on player bets, from single-objective quests to multi-level, life-time loyalty schemes.

Jackpots to Create Excitement

  • Gamification solution that allows you to create your own jackpots for any player segments across any game.
  • Motivate players through an added layer of excitement on top of their ordinary betting.
  • Added tool for you to acquire and retain players across products.
  • Players are in full control if jackpot contribution is funded by them and can opt-in or opt-out between bets.
Jackpots to Create Excitement

Quick Integration / Swift Operations

  • We continuously add new integrations every year and new vendors at your request.
  • We handle new game releases, upgrades and required changes related to local regulations.
  • We deliver 24/7 monitoring, gaming support, game provider communication, and day-to-day operation.
  • Our clients optimize the ongoing operations regarding incident and problem solving related to the game providers and games.
Quick Integration / Swift Operations

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