Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks

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Embark on a magical journey in the beautiful lands of ancient Greece. Meet the mighty gods, descend into the searing flames of Tartarus, submerge in Poseidon’s realm, or ascend to godhood by escalating Mount Olympus in our newest slot, Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks.

The Story

Armadillo Studios introduces Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks, 6-reel by 4-row ways slot set to transport players to the fascinating world of Ancient Greek.

The brand-new slot combines an all-time classic favorite theme with ingenious and surprising features that will delight fans worldwide. Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks is our most innovative slot release to date.

Featuring Supreme Streaks combined with cascading symbols, Mythological Mayhem sets the stage when back-to-back cascades are won, giving players both exponentially growing win potential in parallel to the excitement of the game and story ramping up.

This exciting video slot introduces players to four mythic dimensions: Elysian Plains, Depths of Tartarus, Seas of Poseidon, and Skies of Olympus.

The Elysian Plains transcend mortality and transport players into a state of bliss and happiness. From here, players can fall deep into the Depths of Tartarus, a world of suffering where the Titans are chained and ferocious creatures reign. Moving on, the Seas of Poseidon await you to discover the submerged world of the blue oceans. Play it well, and you can ascend to the final level, the Skies of Olympus, where the Greek gods await to reward the winners.

Special Slot Mechanics

Each of the four levels has been enriched with special slot mechanics:

Elysian Plains

The base game is played in the Elysium Plains realms as a 6-reel by 4-row ways slot. The players use their spins to accumulate as many Apollo sun symbols to trigger the next dimension. On the 10th spin, the feature initiates and the flames from the sun create burning wilds, shifting the world into the flames of Tartarus.

Depths of Tartarus

Once the new dimension is entered, the slot gains an extra row and new symbols inspired by this dark realm are added, including Hades and Minotaur.

The wilds are constantly emerging through the marked frames and the extra row favorizes more back-to-back wins. The challenge sets the stage as the winning symbols now cascade and the player must win 3 in a row to accomplish a realm promotion. If achieved, the journey continues into the deep blue seas.

Seas of Poseidon

The journey through the seas brings even more ways to win, with special and higher-paying symbols, Medusa and Poseidon, being added to the game. Poseidon’s Seas is a critical point in the game: 3 more additional wins to the streak of cascades take you all the way up to Mount Olympus. Here, the game’s winning potential and the entertainment factor are put on steroids.

Skies of Olympus

The storms of Olympus will separate the lucky ones from the crowd. The 7th row is now added, bringing 117,649 ways to win, with Athena and Zeus joining in as the top paying symbols of the game. The lightning bolts strike the reels every spin with up to 9 bolts for more frames and wilds, and a multiplier is added to all your wins, increasing after every cascade!

Furthermore, during the entire journey all scatters that are collected are saved if the cascading continues. Collect 9 or more for the highest prize pot giving you an extra 2000x your bet on top of the likely epic won already conquered! Never had a game without a free spin managed to be packed with so much content for a truly unforgettable and entertaining gambling experience.

Game Details

  • Game ID
    MythologicalMayhem / MythologicMayhem96 / MythologicMayhem88
  • Release Date
    20 September, 2022
  • Category
  • Volatility
  • RTP
    94% / 96% / 88%
  • Min Bet
  • Max Bet
  • Reels
    6x4 up to 6x7
  • Lines
    4096 - 117649 ways
  • Features
    Prize pots, Cascading worlds, Supreme Streaks, Wild Frames
  • Platforms
  • Developer
    Armadillo Studios
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