Astroboomers TURBO!

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AstroBoomers: TURBO! is a super-fast, real-time, multiplayer, interactive game with out-of-this-world max wins up to 10,000x!

The stakes are high, Earth is under siege from fiery cosmic meteors. Board the rocket for the ride, but beware of the inbound threat or you’ll crash out in a ball of flames! Choose when to jump off to safety and earn the rewards in an intense adrenaline rush, yet simple to play, and challenge your fellow astronauts’ nerves and stay onboard for as long as possible for maximum rewards!

Game Details

  • Game ID
    AstroBoomersTURBO92 / AstroBoomersTURBO
  • Release Date
    28 October, 2021
  • Category
    Instant Win
  • Volatility
    Player Determined
  • RTP
    92% / 97%
  • Min Bet
  • Max Bet
  • Features
    Player determined volatility, real-time multiplayer, interactive decision making, adrenaline rush entertainment, emoji chat (optional), unlocked aspect ratio
  • Platforms
  • Developer
    Funfair Games
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