10 tips to promote your online casino in 2022

Promoting a casino in modern times is a rather specific and time-consuming process. Firstly, casino advertising has many restrictions – both land-based and online. However, this isn’t actually a big problem – the gambling industry is growing and prospering now more than ever, with an expected international value of $188bn in 2022.

Moreover, by knowing the rules and paying attention to certain details, you can achieve great results for your casino, growing your audience in a short time and constantly generating quality traffic. In general, successful casino platforms use combined marketing approaches, paying attention to website activities, Social Media promotion, digital advertising, and all the possible ways of pushing their brand forward.

The key to reaching fast results lies in persistence: constantly updating content, checking reports and trying new activities. In this article, we will focus on the most important things that almost all successful casinos follow in their everyday activities.

1. Start cooperating with casino affiliates

Casinos and gambling portals are under strict jurisdiction in most countries, and affiliate marketing is becoming the number one channel that generates quality traffic. Affiliates work legally and provide fare reviews about different gaming portals, letting users decide what platform to register and start playing. This model allows users to find precisely what they are looking for, making them more willing to spend money on your portal.

In our recent materials, we covered the case of FortuneJack casino, which managed to reach up to 360% ROI in its first year after launching an affiliate channel. Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t take big investments, and you pay affiliates only for pre-negotiated activities. For example, you can pay only when a user spends some money on your platform. This model is quite safe, as both sides can trace the shared reports and see all users’ activities.

(!) If you’re in doubt about whether to launch an affiliate channel for your casino, you can first check our in-depth article answering why affiliate marketing works best for online casinos and gambling platforms.

2. Use email marketing

Email marketing is very important both for acquiring new clients and keeping existing ones active. To create a relevant audience for your email marketing, you can initiate online campaigns, allowing users to share their emails in return for everyday updates, interesting content, useful information, or subscriptions.

In fact, 77% of B2C marketers use email marketing as one of their primary channels to interact with their users and shape the right audience. With the help of email marketing, you can also boost your social media and website traffic, bringing additional users to your, let’s say, slots tournament or social media campaign.

But email marketing also takes resources in order to shape the right audience, find the most fitting tone of voice and visual solutions, and eventually convince a user to take specific actions such as visiting your blog, depositing for a tournament or game, checking your latest news, etc.

(!) There are numerous email marketing tools that make the lives of thousands of marketers easier, with Mailchimp as one of the most popular. There are also other popular email marketing tools, such as Hubspot Email Marketing, MailerLite, and Drip, which you can check, test and pick, depending on your preferences and budget.

3. Use blog and content strategy for your casino

The digital battle between casino operators is gigantic, with almost every keyword being highly competitive and all the good brand names being registered. In reality, creativity knows no limits, and just by providing good and timely content, you are already winning the battle for digital presence. Because users are constantly searching for the gaming content they are interested in, knowing who your audience is will help you quickly find these users and cater for the content on your platform to engage with them.

In order to create a successful content strategy, first, you need to understand your audience – what type of topics they are interested in and what they search for on the internet. For example, your content strategy can include vectors such as:

  • Reviews about new games, game rules, upcoming tournaments, and other fun stuff that sells.
  • Writing articles about payment and other technical capabilities of your casino.
  • Sharing relevant and interesting information such as interviews with athletes, and poker players, reminding them about responsible gaming, and giving tips for chosen games.

You can always pick a topic depending on your audience’s interests, your region preferences, and the message you want to share.

(!) An active blog section keeps users informed about your brand and builds more trust in your platform.

4. Create a casino/sportsbook bonus strategy

A Reward system works pretty well in the iGaming industry, and players actively resonate for timely bonuses and cashback. The best part about bonuses is that they work both for player acquisition, retention, and reactivation. In gaming, there are numerous bonus models, some of them working as cross-product bonuses, allowing players to be involved in new games.

To create a bonus strategy that will trigger needed activities, you have to take into consideration your market and gaming niche rules and already established bonus preferences. You also need to create a unique bonus strategy that will keep all the sectors of your audience active and engaged while at the same time keeping player eligibility conditions.

(!) To learn more about bonuses, how they work and where to get the best bonus generating tool, check the BonusEngine page.

5. Use CRM techniques and tools

Building a strong customer relationship is key to understanding your audience and offering the right services and games. By applying CRM techniques, you can segment your audience into thematic groups such as new users, VIP users, or inactive users, then use individual marketing messages and bonus strategies for each one.

Maintaining player account management will help you understand certain customer needs. Grouping them by interests, type, and gaming preferences will help you take the most optimal action. By using information from your CRM reports, you can also build more targeted marketing campaigns based on certain group needs.

(!) When choosing a gaming management platform, pay attention to those allowing player account management, a full range of reporting, and the capability of integration with 3-rd party software (a fraud-detection tool would also be great to pinpoint those who came to your platform with bad intentions).

6. Enable Ad Networks

The biggest Ad network is Google Ads, but it also has the biggest pack of restrictions for the gambling industry. If you can convince Google that legislation in your country allows online casino advertisement and you have all the needed certifications, you might have a chance. There are other numerous ad networks where you can promote your brand and find relevant traffic for your games.

(!) In short, Ad Networks are marketing publishers who promote your brand through their networks of placements on different websites. You can check this link for more information about popular ad networks in the iGaming industry.

7. Pick region-based relevant games

One of the most important triggers of good traffic is choosing the right games for your casino. These games need to be really interesting to your customers and acceptable for your niche and region. After researching and creating an initial list of the games you want to include in your casino, you need to understand the eligibility of those games in your jurisdiction. We mostly recommend checking the list of well-known and trustable vendors who also have practice working with brands around the world.

One of the most popular providers of games operating in various jurisdictions is SpearHead Studios, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Amatic, Endorphina, etc.

(!) While there are classic slot games that are popular around the world, some games can have a higher demand in the region your brand operates in. For that, check CasinoEngine, which provides the richest set of games from the most trustable vendors. EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine possesses the largest casino content library in the industry.


8. Create your brand’s unique tone of voice

Besides setting up your casino games and all the technical settings, you need to take time and think about your brand’s unique tone of voice. Firstly, your tone must reflect your audience and be convincing and engaging. It must also be consistent and recognizable. When developing your voice, consider your audience’s age groups, preferences, and gaming activities. To master your tone of voice, you can apply different tones in your email and social media, create a/b test campaigns, and make changes based on your audience interaction.

(!) Mix your messages with thoroughly chosen and engaging images, don’t hesitate to be bold and use a call to action when needed. Even if you have chosen your tone, sometimes it will be useful, depending on the situation, to add more humour or officiality.

9. Make sure your website is optimized and easy-to-navigate

It is not easy to provide a flawless and friendly-looking casino platform. You need to take into consideration a few technical and creative aspects to make your website fully optimized for your users.

First of all, you need to focus on your SEO. Apart from publishing optimized content with relevant keywords, you must always keep an eye on your website’s possible technical issues, by installing SEO plugins, using HTTP protocols, using correct meta tags and titles, improving on-page and off-page SEO, checking and improving your website speed, and more.

(!) The usability of your portal doesn’t only depend on technical issues, it also depends on the correct UX/UI design of your site, easy navigation both on desktop and mobile, readable content, and other aspects that require a creative approach.

10. Offer different payment methods

Last but not least, the payments are very important in making your casino more accessible and popular. Even knowing the main popular payment methods in your region of operation, you must also consider the group of people who will prefer paying and receiving with crypto or players who are travelling from another country and would also like to check your casino games.

By choosing a payment system for your casino, make sure it provides a single integration, which makes your life easier and allows you to control your financial operations from one dashboard.

(!) To get familiarized with payment systems, check MoneyMatrix, which offers 300+ payment options in 250+ countries with 150+ currencies, risk management and KYC verification solutions.

Different casinos may choose different marketing approaches. Some may base their marketing exclusively on the affiliate channel, while others may use other channels or all possible channels simultaneously.

It should depend on your goals, region, niche, budget, and many other factors. But you must understand exactly what can have a beneficial effect on the development of your brand.

If you are interested in activating an affiliate channel and looking for an all-in-one powerful affiliate system for your casino, don’t hesitate to check PartnerMatrix, and reaching us out.

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