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Leading online payment services provider for companies dealing with financial services.


Dotpay Service is a provider of online payment services that belongs to Dotpay S.A..

Dotpay is on the market since 2001 (until 2008, the company appeared under the name of AllPay) and is one of the leading companies on the European market that deal with financial services (financial services agency).

Dotpay is on the short list of many companies due to its many-year practice on the challenging market, a stable financial condition, great experience, usage of the latest technical solutions, as well as strict security solutions and a wide range of services. Dotpay complies with legal requirements that enable the company to act under a number of legal jurisdictions.

Dotpay delivers many years of experience in online payment transactions offering comprehensive international financial handling, with an interface available in multiple language versions. The company provides some of the widest range of wire transfers in the market, from any type of bank transfer service, to postal orders and mobile payments, such as SkyCash and mPay.