PartnerMatrix’s anti-fraud intelligence: affiliate security tool

As the iGaming affiliate industry generates more profit each year, scammers also stay active in the hope of cashing in on easy prey. In some situations, they succeed in withdrawing cash from casinos using fraud schemes and malicious software.

This usually happens due to a lack of a proper security system. A weak system or an insecure payment method can be a reason for scammers to keep your platform under gunpoint. However, in order to protect your affiliate channel from possible attacks, you need to take certain security measures and use proper affiliate software with an automatic protection system.

PartnerMatrix’s Anti-Fraud Intelligence was developed specifically to provide automatic protection of your affiliate operations. The system provides simultaneous multi-module protection aimed at preventing threats from different sources: each module of the system monitors to protect against a certain type of threat.

How Anti-Fraud Intelligence secures operations between casinos and affiliates

There are many types of fraud; some are more common and might not carry a serious threat, but some can inflict real damage to your system. First, ParterMatrix’s security system aims to detect both standard and more sophisticated threats. Additionally, when a new type of fraud is detected, a new module is added to the system, which will provide further security against such types of threats.

Levels of threats detected by the Anti-fraud Intelligence system:

Level 1: IP match

The system detects the IP match of an affiliate with a player’s IP. Many affiliates try to obtain commission using a fake player’s account.

Level 2: Unapproved traffic

The affiliate attracts traffic from sources that are not specified in your contract. Such unauthorized traffic can be irrelevant or harmful.

Level 3: Short lifetime

80% of the players have a short lifetime during the calculation period. This can be bots programmed to get fraud bonus money.
Level 4: Non-organic activity

One player provides 80% of the activity for the whole day or a specified period. This may indicate that the affiliate is trying to imitate activity.

Level 5: Country IP mismatch

The IP of the affiliate and its country do not match. Most likely, the affiliate wants to circumvent the law or violate the agreed rules.

Level 6: Commission check

This feature re-checks commissions and prevents payment of the wrong amount to affiliates.

Level 7: Suspicious activity check

The Active Players ratio of a single affiliate is higher than 50% during the calculation period: it means that suspiciously too many active players performed activities that need to be checked.

(!) There are a lot of behaviours that need to be carefully monitored and checked. The good news is that technology is catching up to fraudsters. Almost any risk can be automatically measured and prevented with the right tools and techniques, such as anti-fraud detection or real-time data reports. Let’s check out these two options in more detail.

How PartnerMatrix protects affiliates’ operations

In addition to ensuring the protection of operators through the Anti-Fraud Intelligence system, PartnerMatrix also pays great attention to the security of affiliates. The real-time statistics provided for both sides create a transparent infrastructure to trace all the activities on the spot.

For example, casino platforms may try to hide the actual amount of the commission or show edited reports to affiliates. Real-time statistics exclude the possibility of manipulating the traffic flow or reports, providing the ability of instant actions for both sides.

(!) As practice shows, the use of real-time reports significantly affects the cooperation between casinos and affiliates, creating an additional condition for mutual trust.

Building a transparent affiliate future

Over the years, scams in the affiliate industry have become more often and more complex -in 2020 only, global affiliate frauds reached a point of $1.4 billion. However, at the same time, security systems and anti-fraud technologies are also developing. Thus, despite all the risks, affiliate marketing continues to be one of the most profitable marketing channels for thousands of casinos around the world – including all the established brands.

The modern affiliate technologies provided by PartnerMatrix are sufficient for launching and maintaining your successful casino affiliate channel – starting from quick and personalized set-up and finishing with marketing and security tools and 24/7 incident support.

If you’re interested in creating an affiliate channel for your iGaming platform or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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