Feed Aggregator

Leverage sports data to gain traction and access new markets with the innovative OddsMatrix Aggregator. Our unique sports betting technology gives bookmakers access to a powerful tool which allows them to combine and simultaneously use odds, settlement, and score feeds from multiple sports data providers.

and tweak odds

Bookmakers can set priority between data providers in an easy-to-use interface and with arbitrary fine granularity. Operators can control different events (from sports to market level) or combine multiple feeds, each one with the desired contribution factor.

automatic failover

If one sports data provider has a technical issue, the system can automatically enable another data source to keep running. Bookmakers are free to add one or several failover sports data sources, depending on their needs.

settlement errors

The system provides an aggregated settlement feed, including pure score sources that get translated to settlement data for all markets covered by your odds and score feeds. This reduces settlement errors arising from using a single provider feed.

new data sources

Operators can easily add new sports data sources with zero development cost and fast turnaround, with everything handled by OddsMatrix. Bookmakers can test how much each added source can contribute and compare with existing sources.

Why use the OddsMatrix Agregator?

The OddsMatrix Aggregator is a cost-cutter and quick-to-market solution that puts you one step ahead of your competition.

  • Combine and prioritise data from multiple data providers
  • Boost coverage and ensure automatic failover
  • Minimise bet suspension time
  • Automatically follow competitor margins
  • Improve data accuracy and minimise settlement errors
  • Maximise profit, reduce IT costs and delays

Stay competitive and extend your offering in no-time

OddsMatrix Aggregator was specifically built to cater to the demanding requirements of market-leading sportsbook operators looking to boost coverage, ensure automatic failover, minimise bet suspension time and maximise betting margin and profit, with no other developments.

Moreover, the product helps operators to be competitive by achieving a rich offering from combining various data feeds and getting more events and more markets per event.

Stay competitive and extend your offering in no-time

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