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With the OddsMatrix Aggregator, bookmakers get access to a powerful and unique sports aggregation technology which allows them to combine odds, settlement, and score feeds from multiple providers into a single aggregated feed.

Operators can set priority between their providers in an easy-to-use interface and at arbitrary fine granularity. It includes the option to customize margins, from a sport down to market level, which allows the operators to follow the payout of relevant competitors for the selected markets.

The OddsMatrix Aggregator is a cost cutter and quick to market solution. OddsMatrix Aggregator is new technology, in production since 2017, yet based on ten years of experience with operating the OddsMatrix Sportsbook where the Aggregator is a central component.

Why use OddsMatrix Aggregator

  • Combine data from multiple providers
  • Prioritize data sources
  • Boost coverage
  • Ensure automatic failover
  • Minimize bet suspension time
  • Automatically follow competitor pay-outs
  • Manually tweak odds
  • Maximize profit, reduce IT costs and delays

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