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ExclusiveBet, CasinoBlaze and Noxwin to use PartnerMatrix Affiliate System

EveryMatrix is proud to announce that ExclusiveBet, CasinoBlaze and Noxwin will integrate PartnerMatrix affiliate product into their platforms. They have joined more than 50% of our clients who recently chose the enhanced PartnerMatrix as their affiliate system.

ExclusiveBet, CasinoBlaze and Noxwin affiliate systems are responsible for providing advanced marketing tools to increase traffic and guarantee high revenues.

As a sign of our recent technological improvements and powered by an ever increasing drive to deliver better services, our new clients decided to switch their affiliate systems to PartnerMatrix, the best performance marketing solution for their present needs.

“Online gambling industry is strongly established around the affiliates’ networks and we invested heavily into restructuring our solution in view of this reality. We are excited about the high interest our affiliate solution sparkled in the industry and we will soon be ready to announce a new series of deals and partnerships.” commented Levon Nikoghosyan, PartnerMatrix CEO.

EveryMatrix offers PartnerMatrix to providers and operators throughout the world in order to assist them with better management of their own affiliate & agent programs.

Furthermore, our product – as an ever evolving solution – can be included by other providers into their platform offering alongside their own gaming products.

To respond to the growing demands in the industry, EveryMatrix is at this moment the single company that provides a complete affiliate and agent mix as a stand-alone multi-brand solution.


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