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Product Presentation

What is MoneyMatrix

  • MoneyMatrix provides more than a standard payment gateway – we provide a holistic processing platform that encompasses all your payment processing and risk management needs through a single integration.
  • Offering Multi Acquiring, E-wallets and localized payment options, MoneyMatrix makes international processing simple and accessible.
  • PCI DSS Compliant, MoneyMatrix can remove a lot of the burden and expense of PCI DSS by using its compliant cashier iframes, tokenization application, secure card storage and card data environment.
  • MoneyMatrix allows you to couple your customer, transactional and risk management data to give you a holistic view of every client, allowing fast and efficient decision making when determining whether to accept or reject a transaction.
  • MoneyMatrix can provide access to complex real time predictive modelling algorithms which can identify the optimum processing route to increase the successful conversion percentages.
  • MoneyMatrix provides a real-time Rules Editor and Simulator, allowing you to create, stimulate and activate your rules straight into the production environment, without the need for development or code releases.
  • MoneyMatrix can provide a 24/7 Support Team who can help with all your processing needs

Why MoneyMatrix

  • Vendor neutral payment processing which is integrated with over 40 payment vendors offering over 150+ international payment solutions.
  • Fraud and KYC management software available through a single integration to provide a holistic processing and risk management suite.
  • PCI DSS Certified offering card tokenization and secure data storage vault.
  • Integrated back office offering a number of tools to provide full control of all risk and payment processing data across all vendors.
  • The MM Team has many years of expertise in payment processing, risk management and product development.


  • MoneyMatrix Cashier is completely flexible, and is designed to support non-hosted or hosted variants.
  • For mobile users, we can add the ability to scan credit card information.
  • Quick Deposit: Can be dropped into any bet slip, casino game to allow players to deposit quickly without navigating away from the game. (Only applicable with certain payment methods)

Configuration Management

Our merchant configuration application is simple and easy to be used. Vendors, currencies and countries are easily configurable from our back-office administration applications.

Management Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard comprising of customizable widgets allows merchants to create a realtime view of their processing landscape, allowing the data driven decision making process to optimize the conversion results.

Transaction Management Application and Conditions

  • Create your own unique work space to monitor, review and process transactions efficiently. Save views, share views and update existing views according to your needs.
  • Conditions allow you to select single or multiple criteria and create color filters which are highlighted when triggered by a transaction, making it stand out and allowing your team to easily see and react to suspect activity.

Rules Editor

The Rules Editor allows you to create the rules that permit controlling the way you process transactions within your business. Publish your rules in real time or utilize the simulator to test the effect of your rules before going live – you have full control of the implementation to deliver the results that suit your business needs.

PCI DSS Compliance

Our tokenization module securely captures card details, tokenizes and stores them in a fully PCI Compliant manner. Our Card Data Environment (CDE) allows merchants to check card details securely as well as block/unblock them.

Product, Services and Technical Features

  • Flexible, modular System.
  • Customisable cashier components supporting web and mobile operations.
  • Real-time fraud management system.
  • Real-time payment optimisation application.
  • Customer profiling and verification.
  • Full back office suite.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Seamless integration with operation and customer databases.
  • Centralized database and reporting functions across all vendor accounts.
  • Account management, 24/7 support and payment processing.
  • Hosting and backup in a top secure environment.
  • State-of-the-art DDoS protection.
  • Role management and audit trail.
  • Solution fully tested and verified by independent auditors.

Payment Processing

  • Integrated with all major credit card processors, e-wallets as well as providing access to local payment solutions.
  • Advanced risk management and fraud system that ensures a seamless and secure deposit and withdrawal experience.
  • Supports all currencies.
  • Payment optimization and routing.
  • Extensive reporting on transactions.
  • Detailed transaction history and search.
  • Full Audit History.
  • Additional Vendors can be added on request