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In this article, we don’t want to talk much about the reasons why you should launch your affiliate channel and the big numbers casinos can generate monthly. Especially when we already talked about it recently.

We recently discussed the exponential gains casinos can generate monthly through launching affiliate channels. One thing is certain, modern iGaming business is already impossible to imagine without affiliate marketing. Affiliates are effective, and by using a smart strategy, your investments are more likely to multiply in just a year.

In this article, you will learn how to launch your affiliate channel with PartnerMatrix either from scratch or migrating from another system, what steps it will take to equip your brand with the most secure channel, and what to do after your affiliate channel is activated.

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Launching PartnerMatrix from scratch: what you need to know

It takes only a few clicks to start the integration process. We made it as easy as possible: you only fill in several fields and that’s it. After signing in, our specialist contacts either you or your contact person, and the following process is completely guided.

Our responding integration and account management team will introduce you to all details and nuances and provide training and consultations on every step of the integration.

Here are 5 reasons why PartnerMatrix overcomes other popular affiliate software providers:

  • Fast integration or migration up to a few weeks
  • All the necessary tools, including real-time data and security measures
  • A personalized approach in every step of integration and maintanance
  • Dedicated account manager and 24/7 incident support
  • Chosen by 250+ top-tier operators worldwide
  • Recognized as the best affiliate software at EGR B2B Awards

PartnerMatrix affiliate software gives full control over your online and offline marketing channel and strategy. With fast and seamless operations, anti-fraud tools, and dedicated account management, you will increase your traffic, sales, and expand your casino and sports platform reach throughout the desired regions.

PartnerMatrix’s integration process

The integration process is quick and fully guided. To fit your business model, we will conduct a thorough Q&A, during which we will highlight your business specifications to adapt the system to your brand and niche.

Step 1: You just fill in the required information on our Contact form, and our sales specialist will reach out to you in just a few hours.

Step 2: We initiate a detailed interview to pinpoint your business model and preferences to help your business brand strive.

Step 3: With the help of an integration manager, our development team integrates the system into your brand using the latest technologies, API-driven approach, and the latest security measures.

Step 4: After the setup, you’re introduced to your dedicated account manager, and we launch your partner website. Now you can start engaging new affiliates into partnership and promote your affiliate program on relevant platforms.

(!) The integration process depends on your business model and preferences. Traditionally, the whole integration takes up to a few weeks, and you can consider it one of the fastest integrations in the market (considering the load of work that is being done in such a period).

Setting up your affiliate system

PartnerMatrix is a fully stand-alone affiliate marketing solution. Be it localization, a set of languages, payment and withdrawal methods, transparency, and real-time reporting, or the most advanced solutions and trends, PartnerMatrix has them all, with no additional plugins, extensions, or integrations needed. Let’s focus on a few important aspects when setting up your affiliate system:

Commission Type

Operators use different commission types that best fit their affiliate campaign and positioning within the iGaming market. Casino rates often vary from operators’ rates. Also, location plays a big role in choosing the right rate type, among other factors, so research is needed beforehand. You can customize plans using standard revenue share, tiered revenue share – based on net gaming revenue or first-time depositor, – Mix FTD, Tiered Hybrid (a combination of both a CPA-based deal and a Revenue Share model), and many more. Again, we are here for any type of consultation and advice.

(!) Learn more about how iGaming affiliate commissions work.

Your affiliate program/partner website

To showcase your affiliate program, you must have a decent website with your tempting offers. Your offer should include the commission models you are open to work with, payment methods, and detailed information to motivate the right affiliates to reach out to you. PartnerMatrix’s team will create your website just before the end of integration, so you can instantly start activating your affiliate channel and engaging partners.

(!) Learn how to create the best casino affiliate program.

Security and real-time reporting

The iGaming industry has been continuously evolving every year, especially after the Covid-19 breakdown in 2020, bringing new online players and activating new markets. But the big numbers also engage frauds and scammers, and every day a new affiliate software jailbreak, or casino hack is happening.

PartnerMatrix solved these security issues with Anti-Fraud Intelligence, a tool to secure affiliate operations from possible frauds. It is a multi-module system that prevents different types of attacks and maintains everyday checks for suspicious activity.

PartnerMatrix also provides real-time statistics that can be very handy when checking live activities and making fast decisions about non-authorized activities, and cutting fraud on the spot.

Migrating from another affiliate system

Is your website experiencing a decrease in traffic due to inadequate support from your affiliate provider? Perhaps you’re struggling to satisfy your affiliates with prompt payments. It’s crucial to set aside any inconveniences and prioritize the acquisition of high-quality traffic.

Make the transition to PartnerMatrix, where you’ll benefit from prompt payments, unlimited support, real-time reports, and an exceptionally robust affiliate channel. Join the ranks of numerous successful operators who have elevated their businesses to new heights with PartnerMatrix.

  • We guarantee no traffic loss during the migration process. The only thing you will notice is how transparent the user flows, and daily reports become after the migration.
  • Your affiliates even can use old links, and the registrations will still be tracked.
  • PartnerMatrix allows customizing reports, media, content, and perform more for each brand.

Our integration manager will guide you and your team through every step of the migration process. Our in-bulk media upload option enables you to upload all existing banners to PartnerMatrix simultaneously.

Time for marketing: traditional techniques combined with innovative solutions

Once you have established your affiliate system and crafted an engaging homepage, your top priority is to discover fresh and reliable affiliates. Numerous promotional avenues are available to showcase your platform, but prior to that, it’s important to refine your offer. Determine the bonuses you can provide, specify your expected commission rates, and decide whether you are open to offering tailored programs for different affiliates.

Use PartnerMatrix’s powerful marketing tools for maximum results

By launching PartnerMatrix, you are gaining access to numerous tools that simplify the business for both operators and affiliates. But there are a few noteworthy ones that make PartnerMarix special:

Marketing tools

Flexibility and control over your campaigns are essential for doing marketing that will bring you more traffic and clients. Through the PartnerMatrix dashboard, operators can use set-up sizes for promotional banners and messages. But you can also customize sizes – for special placements and outreach. PartnerMatrix allows you to promote dynamic banners with HTML5 and GIF formats. It’s also very handy to group your affiliates into different segments to show them different promo banners and content.

Transparency and real-time report

You can’t imagine a successful business without transparency and trust. All the transactions, deals, and details should be visible for everyone to see. To respond to this demand, our solution provides comprehensive real-time reports with multiple breakdowns and detailed bets history for better insight. PartnerMatrix also delivers feeds and APIs for affiliates to obtain reports and data automatically.

Your dashboard can be set individually, providing control over all the settings and reporting. Our operators can set different roles, pages, reports, or data that will be displayed and managed independently.

Reactivation reward

This new PartnerMatrix option is the first of its kind in the market. Now affiliates can reactive users that have been already registered on operators’ platforms and get money for that. In this case, the Reactivation Reward feature can also be seen as a player retention tool for operators. Usually, the affiliates are rewarded only for new player sign-ups and their loss. Now, thanks to the Reactivation Reward, affiliates can earn commissions if they manage to bring back inactive users.

What’s next?

In conclusion, PartnerMatrix is committed to providing continuous support and assistance for your affiliate channel. With regular updates, technical support, and valuable business insights, we ensure that your business remains at the forefront of the industry.

Our dedicated account manager is always available to address any concerns or provide guidance on mastering the system, offering affiliate system courses, resolving promotional issues, and assisting with setup. We are here to help you achieve optimal results and guide your affiliate program to success.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a live presentation of the PartnerMatrix system or ask any questions about our services.

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