How to segment your casino affiliates: traffic sources, tools, techniques, common methods

Segmentation methods and tools go hand in hand with traditional and digital marketing. Segmentation allows you to understand your customers well and get the best results from your traffic: divide traffic into groups to use different marketing approaches and treat your customers and partners the right way. Segmentation methods in modern affiliate marketing have a few specific nuances. This article will cover all the essential aspects of segmentation in affiliate marketing.

To understand more about affiliate marketing in the casino and gaming business, don’t hesitate to check our short guide covering the basics of iGaming affiliate marketing.

So, how to start segmenting your traffic? What should you consider, and what methods and tools should you implement? In just a few minutes, it’s all going to be precise.

What is Affiliate Segmentation and What Benefits Can It Provide?

Segmentation is one of the best methods of boosting your affiliate program. It works by grouping your affiliates into diverse groups based on different criteria, depending on location, activity level, and promotional method. Choosing the right criteria is the foundation for proper segmentation, etc.

Let’s look at segmentation in a more detailed and vivid example:

[ One affiliate engaged around 200 new players to your casino platform in a certain month, and the players spent $100,000 in total. But 150 of these players were engaged using the Revenue share commission model, and the other 50 were from the CPA commission deal.

In order to understand what channel worked better, you will need to see reports, and a segmentation tool can help you divide these groups, make a decision and take further actions.]

Different types of affiliates require different resources, such as different commission types, so you can’t treat all of your affiliates the same. iGaming affiliate segmentation tools will help you separate your affiliates and group them. You can target each affiliate group individually and promote them based on your marketing preferences. Once you have segmented your casino affiliates, there are numerous ways to activate or engage each group with promotions, creatives, or using other marketing approaches.

Additionally, the casino segmentation tool is a great way to monitor your iGaming affiliates’ behaviour. Segmenting your casino affiliates will help you choose various promotional methods for every group: newsletters for one group, better commission plans or bonuses for another, or even different coupons and promotions.

How to Segment your Affiliates in casino and iGaming business

Considering the importance of the right affiliate segmentation, deciding which criteria to use can get confusing. So, let’s talk you through some of the best options.

Segment by the affiliate’s region/target market/niche

Different regions have different affiliate types and game rules, and by narrowing the pipeline with segmentation, you will filter all the good and harmful information. There are many ways to find the best affiliates on your platform.

Segment by affiliate types

Media platforms, bloggers, streamers, review websites, video creators, B2B Resellers, and many more: these are all different affiliate types that stand out from each other by the industry they work in and the personal preferences of their working methods.

Segment by channels

This segmentation type is similar to the previous one. Different affiliates use different platforms to promote your games: social media, blogging, display advertising, etc. This group is firmly connected to affiliates’ target market. Segment your affiliates by the channel and find out the main and most cost-effective platforms for your business.

Segment by affiliates’ performance

Each affiliate’s activity may be the crucial point for your further collaboration. There are three types of affiliates based on their activity:

  • Sales generating affiliates are your key performers – they are already sending you traffic and sales. These are the affiliates you don’t want to lose, and segmenting them into one group will help you save all your essential players in one place.
  • Inactive affiliates are the ones who joined your program but send minimum to no traffic. These are the gambling affiliates you want to keep an eye on. You can segment them into one group and try to push them to be active and engaged, then, depending on their future performance, decide whether it’s good to keep them or not.
  • Affiliates sending traffic but no conversions may need your help to understand what problems are keeping them away from conversions. Many minor inconveniences can be easily solved if you keep in touch with your affiliates.

Segment by your promotional methods

As mentioned above, each affiliate prefers different channels, work methods, and markets for your promotion. This means that your iGaming affiliates’ needs for creative or promotional materials will vary depending on different factors. That’s why segmenting casino affiliates by your promotional methods is helpful, as you can monitor how much effort and bonuses every group requires for progress.

Segment by location

Even though affiliate marketing has opened many new opportunities for the global network, there are still many factors that may work in one area and not in the others. Chances are, you already favour some regions more than others; considering the commission rates, the accepted offer norms, official language, and many other aspects of each country. So, it’s only logical to take the next step and segment iGaming affiliates by their location – to find out the most favourable areas for your operator.

Choosing PartnerMatrix for advanced tools and exclusive support

Now that you’ve learned what iGaming segmentation methods are best to use, it’s time to choose the safest and easiest affiliate software for the job. PartnerMatrix offers a flexible segmentation tool that lets you create and segment an infinite number of groups and reports. Affiliates, on the other hand, can handle multiple tools and reports, ensuring the most transparent and trustable partnership:

  • Marketing tools
  • Integrated payment system
  • Secure P2P Postback system
  • Automated payments

PartnerMatrix ensures you tailor your affiliate marketing programs into perfection – bringing a bunch of tools and in-bound plugins (many of which are first of their kind) to target and engage different groups of players worldwide.

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