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Affiliate marketing is a huge network that has reached almost all global business areas. It is foreseen that the market size will grow by around $13 billion in 2022, and this dynamic is predicted to continue in the upcoming years. The leading affiliate networks belong to such companies as Shopify, Avangate Affiliate Network, Amazon, Taobao, and ShareASale – all of the companies are well-known around the world.

This trend caught up with the iGaming industry as well. In casino affiliate marketing, the numbers are pretty encouraging: the market is predicted to be worth around $173 billion in 2022 with new casinos launching their affiliate channels every day. Taking into consideration online advertising restrictions, affiliate marketing is becoming a priority marketing channel for many casinos.

So, how much can casinos and affiliate marketers earn in iGaming? The question is quite ambiguous. However, this article will try to give a generic view of the numbers and how the revenues are generated.

What are the main features of affiliate marketing in the casino industry?

Before discussing numbers and profits, we need to understand how affiliate marketing works in iGaming. First of all, affiliate marketing is a commission-based partnership. An affiliate brings players, and only after they make specific actions, such as spending money or making a deposit, do casinos pay certain pre-discussed commissions to affiliates. We have already covered the topic of how commissions work in affiliate marketing in case you want to go into the topic.

Second, to understand your possible profits and risks, it is important to consider the region you are operating. The rules may vary drastically depending on the country of your casino operation, gaming niche, available games on your platform, and many other factors. If you’re in doubt and want to learn more about the topic, here you can find out why affiliate marketing works best for online casinos.

Next, you need to find relevant affiliates that are ready to cooperate with your casino. For that, casinos need to create an engaging affiliate program that can engage possible partners and trigger them into cooperation. Here you can learn how to find the most relevant affiliates for your casino.

How much do affiliates earn in the casino industry?

It is important to keep in mind that affiliates, like any other business, have a gradation from startups to established big companies, and their rates can vary depending on the status of an affiliate or a casino.

According to data possessed by PartnerMatrix:

  1. Startup affiliates can earn from $0 to $10,000 monthly – depending on the ability to generate the right traffic
  2. Advanced affiliates’ revenue can reach up to $1 million in monthly income
  3. Pro affiliate revenues can start from $1 million and reach multi-million

The casino market can be seen as more profitable compared to other affiliate industries, considering commission rates. For example, depending on the market and the kind of traffic you receive, the average casino CPA is between $50 to $400 per player, with commissions sometimes reaching even 90% of the money players spend.

How much money do casinos make on affiliate marketing?

Casinos earn more than affiliates as they keep the lion’s share for themselves, giving affiliates only a percentage of the profits. As mentioned above, some casinos may use an affiliate channel not only due to legal and Google advertising restrictions but also due to the great profitability of the affiliate channel.

According to data possessed by PartnerMatrix:

  1. Startup casinos’ monthly profit may vary from $0 to $50,000
  2. Already established operators with developed affiliate channels can raise up to $1 million and more in a month
  3. Top-tier casinos can boost their affiliate channel to multi-million revenues by cooperating with hundreds of affiliates

Here’s a story from FortuneJack casino, which managed to reach 370% ROI after one year of launching an affiliate channel with PartnerMatrix.

Affiliate software is an important link in successful marketing

In the conditions of modern affiliate marketing, without advanced software, it will be very difficult to achieve significant success. It is reliable software and has the necessary tools to create the most engaging and measurable affiliate channel.

Important features of affiliate software that PartnerMatrix covers:

  • Real-time statistics – allow you to trace all the important information instantly and take necessary actions, for example, cutting harmful traffic sources.
  • Anti-fraud Intelligence security – a multi-moduled security tool to help you prevent affiliate scam attempts.
  • Marketing tools – to access your affiliates to your pre-sized media and content and allow them to generate marketing materials (banners, special links, GIFs & videos)

Together with PartnerMatrix, you will create your casino affiliate channel from scratch. We’ll equip your platform with the necessary tools and settings and create your personal affiliate website to attract the right partners.


To verify the effectiveness of affiliate marketing, one can look at internationally recognized casino platforms. Almost everyone already has their own active affiliate channel, which brings them huge traffic and profits. However, affiliate marketing is also suitable for startups that need initial traffic to grow their business.

Suppose you’re looking for ways to launch an affiliate channel for your casino or migrate to better software. In that case, PartnerMatrix covers everything you need, from a powerful system to marketing and payment tools. For more information or a live demo presentation, please contact us.

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