Hasmik Movsisian: 3 ingredients of successful affiliate marketing in iGaming

Affiliate marketing has reached a level where some casinos can pay around $30K per month to a single affiliate, which is undoubtedly connected to high income casinos receive in return. But, in order to quickly increase revenue gains (some of our operators reaching 370% ROI during the first year), you need to engage the top affiliates and establish trustable long-term partnerships. To reach that, casinos and betting platforms develop reasonable commission plans, set easy payment systems, offer secure tracking, and provide modern, highly requested games and entertainment.

In this article, I want to talk about three affiliate marketing tools and techniques that many operators tend to overlook, thinking that it is something they can consider in the end. I am talking about real-time statistics, dedicated account management, and anti-fraud mechanisms. Focusing on these three aspects can essentially improve your affiliate marketing performance in a very short time.

Real-Time statistics

Having real-time statistics and reports at your disposal means controlling your traffic and being able to immediately react to any type of activity, be it good or harmful. In one situation, an affiliate manager can notice good traffic activity and boost the profitable channel, in another case, an affiliate manager can prevent fraud attempts.

In one of our recent articles, we mentioned about one of our operators who noticed suspicious activity: one of our affiliate partners brought up a user that was making small bets alternating with big ones. After a short analysis, the manager banned the user who was violating the casino rules trying to place a so-called “safe bet”.

(!) Real-time statistics bring transparency and extra trust towards operators’ brand and their affiliate programs: both sides have equal access to their business reports.

Dedicated account management

Another important topic that some casinos don’t take seriously when choosing affiliate software is a dedicated account manager that will assist you in setting up the program and keeping track of it 24/7. Yes, having your own professional affiliate team is good for business, but getting support from a dedicated specialist who knows the system inside out can be crucial in many cases.

Account managers can guide your team and developers in any situation, providing business insights, training, and real-time support for system issues. A dedicated account manager can assist you with financial, legal, or any other business-related issues – no need for several specialists at once. As a rule, account managers know the client’s needs better due to a huge experience in the industry and can give more precious advice.

(!) Many affiliate software providers offer a dedicated specialist for an extra payment. PartnerMatrix system includes this option for free.

Anti-fraud mechanisms

There are numerous ways affiliates use to scam casinos. Most of these attempts can be boiled down to one single goal – getting commissions by bypassing the company’s rules. There are many ways to reveal fraud attempts, from IP checks to traffic source checks and player behavior analysis. One of the most effective and up-to-date tools in iGaming affiliate marketing is the Anti-Fraud Intelligence developed by PartnerMatrix.

The tool is designed to automatically detect and prevent all the common affiliate fraud attempts. The system has a modular structure, allowing each module to specialize and protect from certain threats. The system analyzes all types of risks, like IP checks (players vs affiliate, location, IPS match) and prevents more serious risks such as “sure bets”.

(!) PartnerMatrix’s Anti-Fraud Intelligence is constantly updated with new modules to filter new types of risks, and it can be set-up depending on the client’s region or market niche risks.

About PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing System

At PartnerMatrix, we are striving to fulfil the needs of all our iGaming clients, providing a fully-fledged affiliate system that meets all the modern industry requirements. We help startups and casinos enter the affiliate industry using the most powerful tools, features, and techniques.

If you are not happy with your current system, know that we offer very attractive conditions for switching to a better affiliate software solution. We ensure seamless migration and integration, allowing your business to expand to a whole new level:

Advanced Marketing Tools

A full range of tools and in-bound plugins (many of which are first of their kind) to target and engage different groups of players around the world.

Dedicated Account Management

Free and unlimited Account Management support, including 24/7 incident resolutions.

Real-time Updates

Trace players brought by affiliates in real-time, learn their behavior and increase conversion rates through API-driven instant statistics.

Automated or Manual Payments

180+ payment options, 100+ countries, 150+ currencies, risk management, and KYC verification solutions.

Anti-fraud System

An algorithm that helps detect malicious traffic, scammers, or any suspicious activity.

Reach out to us for more information on the PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing solution or schedule a live demo presentation!

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