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Product Presentation

About GamMatrix

  • Seamless Wallet across all gaming vendors and payment methods.
  • Player Account Management to effectively handle players and transactions.
  • Content Management System offering a great flexibility in terms of layout, visuals, and filters for customizing content to any extent.
  • Fraud detection and preventions tools to track registrations, logins, deposits, self exclusions, claim bonuses.
  • CRM integration with software such as Emarsys or Optimove for player segmentation and successful marketing campaigns.
  • In-depth customizable reporting to get a clear view of your business
  • Multi language and multi currency support to reach players all around the world.
  • Role management to segment players and apply in bonus program definitions and reports
  • Audit trail for tracking the actions performed by the system or the operations teams
  • Compatible with multiple EU jurisdiction to allow access to a more numerous and diverse player base
  • Infrastructure hosted within the EveryMatrix data center most relevant for the targeted markets ensuring high level of security, DDOS protection, scalable hardware, 24/7 monitoring and backup
  • API support available for integration with wallet from other platforms using either single/seamless wallet approach or multiple wallet approach with transfer transactions in between
  • API support available for building own website for even more flexibility

Player Management

  • Player registration with e-mail verification
  • Player account management
  • Secure log-in
  • Password reminder
  • KYC and age verification
  • Seamless wallet across all gaming vendors and payment methods
  • Transactions history
  • Player roles management
  • Audit trail
  • Responsible gambling
  • IP tracking
  • Device ID storage (in the context of integration with Fraud Detection 3rd party systems)

Wallet Management

  • Single and seamless wallet across all Gaming and Payment vendors
  • A comprehensive transaction system based on accounting and financial principles
  • Tracking of real cash wallet and bonus wallet independently with transactions showing clearly the interactions between the two wallets
  • Possibility to correct manually wallet amounts for supporting the reconciliation process with the vendors or for confiscating funds upon proof-based abuse
  • API support available for integration with wallet from other platforms using either single/seamless wallet approach or multiple wallet approach with transfer transactions in between

Bonus Management

The Unified Bonus System (UBS) is a stand-alone and product neutral bonus system, which allows cross-product bonuses that can be wagered on both Casino and Sports. Additional value-adding features include association logic that help clients to create flows, dependencies and exclusion ties between bonus programs, and bonus bundling that allows multiple offers to be granted simultaneously. With UBS, operators are not limited in how many bonuses a player can have at the same time, all being active and available for gaming.
  • Cross-product bonusing
  • Bonus Stacking
  • Seamless betting across bonus wallets
  • Multi-trigger programs
  • Detailed scheduling of campaigns
  • Multi-currency, multi-language
  • Automated cost management
  • Player eligibility filters
  • Bet eligibility and contribution configuration for casino games, brands, sports, leagues/tournaments, events, odds, markets, channels, bet size and more.
  • Bonus packages (bundled bonus programs set off by a single trigger)
  • Dependency/association configuration across bonus programs
  • In-depth bonus reporting
Bonus Types:
  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Recurring Bonuses
  • Manual Bonuses
  • Free Spins
  • Free Bets
  • Incremental Bonuses
  • Post-wager Bonuses

Role Management

  • Segment players using your own defined roles
  • Batch assignment of roles supported
  • Roles can be set to expire at a certain date when assigned to players
  • Create bonus programs, limit transactions rules and custom reports based on your own defined roles
  • Customize your KYC process using roles
  • Control access level to back-office applications for your team members


  • Track the actions performed automatically by the system on a certain player record
  • Increased transparency for the actions performed by your operations teams on player records
  • Back-end application users can add relevant notes for their day-to-day operations


  • Support for your most important requirements to run your business efficiently
    • Cross product reports
    • Bonus performance reports
    • Player segmentation, player activity and player balances reports
    • Responsible gambling reports for self-exclusion players and player gambling limits
    • Jurisdiction specific reports
    • Track movements within your Security Deposit Account (SDA)
    • Track transactions from a financial and accounting perspective
  • Export to Excel available as well as sending reports at a scheduled time via email
  • Drill-down support for more granular view
  • Generate customized reports by selecting from a various range of data fields and applying the needed criteria for filtering the data
  • Integrated with PartnerMatrix and other 3rd party affiliate system for passing registration and activity data used by the affiliate system for the commission calculations
  • Integrated with license specific mechanism so that authorities can retrieve and control relevant activity data

Website development

No matter if you already have a website and wish to improve your casino or payment offer, or you want to build a casino website from scratch, EveryMatrix can offer the solution that matches your needs:
  • Development of your website using GamMatrix Site Building Tool which features
    • Content customizations for VIP players using filtering on various criteria such us users’ language, registered country, role (VIP or others) with the possibility to easily extend the criteria list
    • Content management capabilities such as for content versioning, saving and publishing; Before publishing any change on your LIVE website, you will be able to save and preview the result of your change, view content history, compare versions and rollback to a previous version.
    • Template support for quick and easy extension of website content where existing components and widgets can be reused, as well as ability to create new components and widgets.
  • API support for your own development of a new website or extension of your existing website with content provided by Everymatrix products

CRM Integrations

  • Supports integration with Emarsys and Optimove
    • Flexible and dynamic campaign management and reporting
    • Supports also integration with Facebook Ads
    • Email templating
    • Easy to use segmentation tool via Rules Engines
    • KPIs per campaign management
    • Smart Insight provides updates on the initial lifecycle analysis and report afterwards
    • Predictive revenues and Purchase patterns, Product affinity
    • SDK for mobile push
    • Also supports
    • Lifecycle analysis in the initial launch
    • A/B testing
    • Campaigns via email, SMS, push notification
    • Reports per campaign (conversion, data exploration, drilldown, changes in customer behavior)
  • Supports integration with any CRM via API

3rd party integrations

An example of such integration is the Iovation fraud prevention and multi-factor authentication solutions that help businesses protect against:
  • Credit Card fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Account Takeover
  • License protection
  • Bonus abuser’s identification
  • Reduced Affiliate costs - identify affiliate abusers