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The Next Generation Platform

Platform principles

  • API-driven products
  • Multi domain access
  • Personalized user experience
  • Real-time focus and automation
  • Improved back-office functionality
  • Increased traffic capacity
  • Ability to use all products independently
  • Width and customization of content offering
  • Highest level of security
  • Clients to operate seamlessly on a mix of own licences and EM licences.

The Evolution of Our Products

We are investing heavily in rebuilding the EveryMatrix gaming platform in order to keep up with the latest demands in the industry and we work to reimagine our gaming solutions to deliver best of breed products. Launching EM2 in 2016 is the main priority for EveryMatrix.


Complete rewriting of OddsMatrix into a best of breed sportsbook solution powerful and flexible than ever before. The new sportsbook platform allows our customers build their own frontend using ESAPI for sportsbook data (server side) and WebAPI for creating a new frontend by using only HTML, JS and CSS.

  • Powerful Web API allows completely customized front end for top clients rather than doing template based front end delivery
  • Multiple odds sources handled all the way down to the individual market in a game
  • Recommendation engine proposing individualized bet suggestions to increase player activity

The improved GamMatrix is one of the most flexible platforms that allows operators manage all their operations from a single location, while integrating all their gaming solutions.

  • Faster integration of new casino games and sportsbooks data
  • Higher number of transactions allowed in the new GamMatrix
  • Fully scalable solution easy to incorporate into a highly adaptable platform for iGaming operators

CasinoEngine has been rebuilt from scratch in order to take advantage of the new API integrations and become a highly scalable and flexible casino aggregator that improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, offering advanced algorithms according to player activities.

  • More than 3,000 games available from more than 30 casino software providers, which makes our solution the largest casino aggregator in the world
  • A single seamless wallet that works across all casino games, regardless of type, brand and platform/device
  • All games regardless of type, brand and platform/device, can be configured via the same interface in Unified Back Office

PartnerMatrix is the complete Affiliate/Agent management system with real-time statistics that helps you create, manage, track and analyze your own programs. PartnerMatrix is fully adaptable for different markets and regions.

  • Enables operators to run Affiliate System with Agent functionality, and Agent System with Affiliate functionality. No need to use separate programs or systems.
  • Flexible commission structure: set different commission plans for each A/A.
  • Comprehensive tracking and statistics
  • Multilevel sub-affiliate referral tracking

MoneyMatrix is the EveryMatrix payments product completely revamped, stand-alone (integrated into the client’s platform of choice), and allowing client to contract with MoneyMatrix for payments without using an EveryMatrix gaming licence. MoneyMatrix is a PCI 1 Compliant, FSA Regulated Payment Service Provider.

  • Highly scalable with zero SPOFS and event driven database design, built for 100% up time and zero downtime during deploys.
  • Highest security measures from the ground up
  • Fully Customizable Cashier
  • Routing Capabilities in a simple visual tool
  • KYC and device recognition capabilities
  • Real Time Transactional Monitoring

Flexible and Modular Software Architecture
for Our Operators

High flexibility and modularity powered by extensive APIs will empower operators with full control over their frontend increasing player activities through automatic personalization for the best user experience.

Unified Back Office

  • The Unified Back Office is the single point of access for operators that want to manage all the gaming products and payment solutions from a single log on
  • The new tool employs an intuitive interface that allows a faster integration of new clients and operators
  • The Unified Back Office provides a complete user experience

Unified Bonus System

  • A Unified Bonus Engine more flexible that allows for bonuses to depend on all transactions, sports, casino, payments
  • A single interface for sports and casino bonus setup and management
  • Wide ranging bonus and loyalty options: added bonus types, loyalty options and bonus trigger

Content Management System

  • Unified content management for all products including casino and sport
  • CMS2 implements HTTP streaming to update content changes as soon as they happen
  • Ease of use to manage content and to configure components and widgets like promotion, casino lobby, my Last Bets and many more

Unified Front End

The Unified Front End allows faster creation of gaming websites, adapted for your target audience, a high number of widgets allows you to create and develop a diversified and complex gaming website.

  • Unified management of all gaming websites including casino and sport
  • Faster implementation of a high number of widgets
  • Easy to manage and create content and to configure complex gaming websites

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