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Unified Bonus System

The Unified Bonus System (UBS) allows for cross-product bonuses that can be wagered on both Casino and Sports. With UBS, operators are not limited in how many bonuses a player can have at the same time, all being active and available for gaming.

Additional value-adding features include association logic that allows clients to create fully automated life-cycles with dependencies and exclusion ties between bonus programs to create personalized and localized reward tracks for the players. Bonus bundling allows multiple offers to be granted simultaneously.

Create and manage free spins campaigns via the UBS backend, including configuration of free spins value.

UBS comes with commonly used bonus triggers such as Deposit, User Registration, Login, Claim, and is also available via APIs that enables any external system (CRMs, Loyalty Shops, etc.) to call UBS to grant any type of bonus, which allows operators to build sophisticated loyalty schemes and gamification on top of UBS.

UBS lets operators decide exactly which games, content providers, channels (web/mobile) that any bonus can be wagered on, as well as how much each game contributes towards the wagering requirement. The default settings can be configured directly in CasinoEngine per game to ease bonus program creation, with the option to override defaults specifically for any given bonus program.

UBS supports multi-lingual, multi-currency bonus programs, and advanced recurrence settings.