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In-depth reporting tools

Reporting System

In-depth reporting available for:

  • Casino Bonus Programs
  • Casino Players
  • Casino Games/Vendors

Features include:

  • Reports exported to Excel sheets
  • Drilled-down information for specific players, groups, countries and/or affiliates
  • Generate customized reports with your own criteria/columns
  • In-depth understanding of game performance, player activity, bonus campaign efficiency etc.

CasinoEngine has an isolated data warehouse with extensive reporting facilities. Report overview:

  • Player activity
  • Product activity
  • Transaction activity
  • Management dashboard
  • Activity dashboard
  • Tailored reports via our data warehouse team

Reporting and Accounting Key Features:

  • Automated transaction reconciliation, supported with multiple vendors across multiple currencies
  • Reports across all vendors
  • Reports on users and payments processors
  • Various access rights per user groups
  • Email notifications

Reporting System