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In-depth Reporting

Reporting System

Reporting System

Reporting for Casino Engine covers casino players, games, content providers, bonus programs and bonus wallets. Filter and condition data output, view aggregated data, and drill down to view specific transactions, game rounds or players, and even visualized game round details to better understand and answer questions from players.

Reports include

  • Bonus Program Report
  • Player Report – single player scope
  • Product Report
  • Dashboard Report KPIs (also available as daily email notification)
  • Customizable Report
  • Gaming Transaction Monitor (real-time reporting)

Key features include

  • Customize reports combining a vast selection of input conditions/filters, and choose exactly what output to return.
  • View drilldowns as transactions or transactions grouped by game rounds.
  • Export your reports or view them on web
  • Set multiple scopes to present data in the way that best serves the purpose. Want to analyse data broken down by Country, then by Content Provider, then by Game? Or rather segmented by Day, then by Game, then by Player? The choice is yours.
  • Replay – have a look beyond the wins and losses, fetch game replays to see how casino game rounds played out

Reporting System