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Product Key Features

  • Modular – Pick as many casino vendors as you like (you can start with 2, or you can start with 15!) and increase your offer gradually: The new vendors will be added to the same back-office and seamless wallet.
  • Multi-currency – More than 40 currencies, with new ones being added at operators’ request.
  • Bonuses – Bonus management and frequent player points (FPP) allocation are done via one back-office, thus enabling operators to save time and gain access to comparative reports across multiple vendors.
  • Player incentives – Global & local jackpots available, including the most popular global jackpots powered by top casino providers.
  • Own CMS – Allows operators to enable/disable casino games selectively, adjust jackpot contributions and FPP allocation levels or activate/deactivate Fun Mode, Anonymous Fun Mode and Real Money Mode for any game.
  • Easy API integration – New vendors that are not already integrated can be added on request.
  • Game Recommendation Engine – Operators may improve their website personalization capabilities by using GRE, a tool that provides automated ways to make recommendation of games based on players’ preferences. Easy administration by using the right filters, such as: Game Name, Vendors, Content Providers, Client Type, Game Categories, etc.
  • Back office interface – Unified Back Office that is common across all vendors and includes a centralized back office authentication, a single place to control configuration options and a centralized payment gateway with MoneyMatrix, so everything related to payments can be found in one place.
  • Game Management – Comprehensive search and filtering functionalities to allow operators condition output of a search by a certain value or value range for attributes.
  • Lobby Management for Web API Clients – Create multiple instances of lobbies, desktop, mobile, Live Casino, VIP lobby, lobby for players from a country, lobby for all players with a certain role, etc.