Senior Java Developer

Got a head full of ideas?


We are looking for a Back-End Developer to join the Sports Engine team.

The Sports Engine is the beating heart of the whole OddsMatrix system: all the betting odds transactions are flowing through the Sports Engine. It is composed of several distributed modules which support three main functions: data collection, data processing, data publication.

Sports Engine has soft real time constraints: end to end time for each transaction must be less than 1 second.

Sports Engine has availability constraints: high availability is a must and we are striving for up-time measured in months. If the Sports Engine is down, all the other components of the OddsMatrix system become unusable.

Sports Engine is an evolving system: We must keep the pace with an ever-increasing number of betting odds. In the last couple of years, the number of odds doubled, and we are preparing for a similar increase in the future. Related, on peaks, we reach several thousand transactions per second.

On this job, you will:

  • Think of and write technical specifications.
  • Contribute to the design and the implementation of new modules.
  • Add features to the existing modules.
  • Tune the applications when they do not abide by the real time constraints.
  • Add unit and functional tests wherever you feel they are needed.
  • Run refactoring sessions when needed. (not everything is perfect).
  • Work closely with your colleagues (many times in pair programming).
  • Code review your colleagues work.
  • Enhance your technical and team working skills.
  • Automatize deployment processes.

We are searching for people:

  • Passionate about developing software and in love with unit and functional testing.
  • Committed to high level of quality.
  • Pro-active and pragmatic.

Technical requirements:

  • Five years or more professional experience as a Java SE software developer.
  • Strong experience and knowledge of object oriented software design.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures.
  • Strong experience with multi-threaded environments.
  • Experience with Junit/ TestNG.
  • Experience with JDBC, SQL/MySQL.
  • Experience with high scalable software and high performing components is a plus.
  • Experience with Spring Boot is a plus.
  • Experience with Apache Kafka is a plus.
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization (profilers, garbage collection tuning) is a plus.
  • Experience with Maven, Jenkins, Gitlab, Ansible is a plus.
  • Foreign languages: at least upper-intermediate level of English

Perks and benefits: 

  • 21 days of paid vacation plus 1 day per every year you work with us;
  • 40 paid sick leaves;
  • Medical insurance with a pretty much good coverage for you to feel safe;
  • Gym (including the swimming pool, Sportlife or Eurosport);
  • We have lunches which are company paid and delivered straight to the office
  • Interesting and challenging tasks, opportunities for self-realization and career growth;
  • English language courses;
  • We hold team building activities and office parties throughout the year;
  • A flexible schedule;
  • A fun & entertaining working environment.
Apply for this job now! HR team will never use any personal information it receives from you for any purpose beyond recruitment, employment or reference checks, and strongly believes in the importance of keeping the personal information private.


  • Shiny new and modern office.

  • Health insurance or gym membership, or a mix of both.

  • Dental Services.

  • Daily catered lunch.

  • Fruit day.

  • Massage at work.

  • Private healthcare and dental care discounts.

  • We hold team-building activities and office parties throughout the year.

  • We have an ever-growing library (online & offline).

  • Flexible schedule.

  • A fun entertainment corner.

  • Internal & external training.

  • Health and well-being in house programs.