Senior DevOps Engineer

Are you interested in the world of sport matches, payments and financial transactions? Are you ambitious and driven to improve your career?

We are seeking an experienced Engineer familiar with DevOps methodologies. You will be a part of a thriving team keen on learning new things. We offer you a unique look at the architecture that handles sport offers, payments and millions of real-time financial transactions with more than 10 TB of data per year.

Short description

The Senior DevOps Engineer is in charge of the automation of workflows, primarily facilitating the CI/CD process for the developing teams and also maintaining servers, web services performance tuning, implementing server monitoring and logging.


  • design and develop our IaaS platform ensuring scalability and reliability
  • deploy, manage and troubleshoot our container orchestration clusters, running different flavors of Kubernetes
  • assist with solving technical problems when they arise


  • quality and timely execution of work tasks
  • product/technology contribution


  • 4+ years of experience in software development, university technical degree
  • expert Linux knowledge
  • scripting experience is mandatory (Bash; bonus if you know Python, Ruby or Go)
  • experience with centralized logging systems, metrics, and tooling frameworks such as Prometheus and Grafana
  • previous work with containers and container orchestration frameworks in production, preferably Docker and Kubernetes
  • experience with CI/CD principles and tools
  • advanced  English skills in speaking and writing
  • bonus points if you are familiar with: 
    • streaming and queue systems like Apache Kafka
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL experience
    • Electron platforms

What we offer

  • a salary from 24.000 HRK (gross/brutto1)
  • Easter, Vacation & Christmas bonus
  • access to education (unlimited Udemy courses)
  • extended health plan and private health insurance (annual general health checks)
  • pleasant work environment and additional appealing set of perks and benefits
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