Senior DBA

Got a head full of ideas?


To ensure success as a DBA, you should demonstrate flexibility, creativity, and the capacity to receive and utilize constructive criticism. A formidable DBA will demonstrate unsatiated curiosity and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Our future colleague is willing to keep up with industry trends and best practices, advising senior management on new and improved data engineering strategies that will drive departmental performance and improve overall data governance across the business, promoting informed decision-making and ultimately improving overall business performance.


Setting up and maintaining replication, High Availability, backup and disaster recovery strategies;
Monitoring health and performance for several servers on a daily basis;
Reporting query performance issues to the product teams (and suggesting optimizations);
Troubleshooting and fixing performance issues (tuning configuration options);
Working with several product teams to make sure their queries are designed for performance;
Involved in the database design process, advises the developers on how to design new databases and how to optimize the structure of existing databases;
Involved in the definition of the Databases setup and evolution strategy: hardware, virtualization, etc


  • Advanced knowledge and experience in PostgreSQL and/or MySQL and MSSQL database architecture and system design;
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in PostgreSQL and/or MySQL and MSSQL database performance tuning principles;
  • Experience as a DBA in a high-traffic, transactional environment;
  • Experience with High Available database systems;
  • Experience with scalability mechanisms for databases;
  • Ability to work cooperatively with software engineers and system administrators;
  • Problem-solving expertise and attention to detail;
  • Experience in Linux environment with understanding of the operating system;
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in physical and logical database design;
  • Support operations for both development and production databases;
  • Experience and success in automating administrative tasks;
  • Ability to work on call and provide 24/7 production support;
  • Self-motivated, eager to learn and face challenges.
  • A knack for independent and group work.
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  • Shiny new and modern office.

  • Health insurance or gym membership, or a mix of both.

  • Dental Services.

  • Daily catered lunch.

  • Fruit day.

  • Massage at work.

  • Private healthcare and dental care discounts.

  • We hold team-building activities and office parties throughout the year.

  • We have an ever-growing library (online & offline).

  • Flexible schedule.

  • A fun entertainment corner.

  • Internal & external training.

  • Health and well-being in house programs.