Math & English Teacher

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We are looking for a dedicated Math & English Teacher who will help us with our charity project: Kids.acadEMy.

Kids.acadEMy is an ongoing charity project of our company, EveryMatrix. This project is currently running in three of Bucharest’s Child Daycare Services centers: “Pinocchio” Center, „Sf. Pantelimon” Center and “Casa din Tei” Center. Its mission is to teach the children of these centers on three domains : Computer Science, Math and English. We are now expanding to other centers.

The Kids.acadEMy vision is to break these children from their social heritage by providing them access to things that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them in regular circumstances: computers, tablets, smartphones and knowledge. We want these kids to be able to access higher grades education and become an inspiration for their community.


  • Our new Teacher will be helping children coming from difficult families or background. They will learn basic English and 1st to 8th grade level Math. We aim to help them acquire the necessary skills for them to be able to go through schools with good results and a chance at a better future. The vacancy is full time, this position will be making an impact in the children’s lives and educational development.
  • Works with children to help them acquire basic English skills for them to have access to more learning and development opportunities;
  • Helps children with Math problems and theory up to 8th grade level knowledge, so that they can finish school along with other children their age;
  • Facilitates an atmosphere where the children should be safe to try new things and to make mistakes, where they can feel included and valued;
  • Prepares materials for trainings and instruction sheets;
  • Ensures that children have at their disposal the appropriate tools, hardware and software for assigned tasks;
  • Provides age-appropriate instruction in conversational English;
  • Evaluates educational needs of the children and develops effective children educational experiences that engage and stimulate their school learning;
  • Communicates expectations, provides guidance, and shows an active interest in children’s progress;
  • Uses formal and informal assessment strategies to manage children’s learning and monitor progress;
  • Helps children identify and make use of supplemental instructional/media resources;
  • Encourages self-reliance, problem-solving, critical-thinking, creativity, and performance skills;
  • Maintains a positive learning environment. Facilitates learning activities that encourage collaboration and positive relationships among each other;
  • Evaluates children’s achievements, prepares progress reports (to be provided to EveryMatrix);
  • The Teacher will be part of the Training department within Human Resources.


  • Possesses a Computer Science or Math High School diploma or is currently undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics or Economics;
  • Has followed a Psycho-pedagogy module or has previous teaching experience in educational projects that involved working with children (minimum 1 year);
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Very good organizing and prioritizing skills;
  • Intuition and proactivity;
  • Problem solving attitude;
  • Easily adaptable;
  • Train the trainer certification is a plus.
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  • Headquarters in the heart of the city, at Unirii Square.

  • Internal & external training.

  • Health and well-being in house programs.

  • Daily catered lunch.

  • Fruit day.

  • Private healthcare and dental care discounts.

  • We hold team-building activities and office parties throughout the year.

  • We have an ever-growing library (online & offline).

  • A fun entertainment corner.

  • Flexible schedule.

  • Extra vacation days with every year inside the company.

  • Our very own gym.