Capacity Manager

Capacity management is the practice of right-sizing IT resources to meet current and future needs. It’s also one of five areas of ITIL Service Delivery. Those doing well at capacity management make sure that business and service needs are met with a minimum of IT resources.

The capacity manager represents a complex role, based on overview responsibility and authority in order to have a better overall process result. Effective capacity management is proactive, not reactive.

Job description:

  • Get more out of existing IT resources;
  • Improve IT cost per business unit positions;
  • Fine-tune applications and infrastructure components;
  • Improve performance, reduce consumption, and delay upgrades;
  • Eliminate redundant work;
  • Ensure consistent reporting;
  • Provision capacity efficiently;
  • Make informed business decisions using timely capacity and related cost information;
  • Provide insight into total cost of ownership of IT upgrades and initiatives;
  • Predict future use based on growth levels;
  • Uncover bottlenecks with enough time to stop them before service is affected.


  • Ensures that there is sufficient capacity to meet service level targets;
  • Keeps IT management informed about capacity needs;
  • Provides capacity requirements for new or modified IT services;
  • Maintains an overall understanding of current service capacity and trends;
  • Works to proactively provide sufficient IT capacity;
  • Produces and maintains a Capacity Plan;
  • Ensures that capacity-related incidents and problems are addressed;
  • Ensures the creation, maintenance, and use of a Capacity Management Information System (CMIS);
  • Assesses the capacity impact of new change requests
  • Participates on the Change Advisory Board (CAB) as needed
  • Is responsible for monitoring IT capacity levels, comparing actual levels against targets, and addressing shortfalls;
  • Carries out the Process Manager responsibilities for the Capacity Management process.


  • Highly skilled communicator with the ability to communicate complex concepts to others;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to form and maintain strong relationships internally and externally and engage with stakeholders;
  • Highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Excellent attention to detail skills;
  • Significant experience in a capacity planning role;
  • Excellent understanding of ITIL processes and capacity planning;
  • Significant experience of building capacity/ forecasting models and plans and undertaking complex analysis to create information;
  • Experience of delivering results through cross-functional teams;
  • Strong IT systems knowledge and skills including advanced Excel skills and the ability to learn new software packages.
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